Premium Honey

Premium Honey

Our honey is harvested from a green and clean environment. We use no chemicals or pesticides. Our honey is guaranteed 100% natural, sourced direct from the beekeeper and provided with no added preservatives.

Unlike other honey producers, we pride ourselves in selling only export quality pure honey. Each production of honey is given a certification by ChemCentre, a Western Australian statutory authority, certifying its content. In addition, each production of honey is tested for its activity by Novost, a chemical consultant based in Tasmania.

Given the variability in the flowering of certain trees, please contact us to ensure the availability of our different honey types.

Pure Jarrah Honey

Jarrah Honey is sourced from a Eucalypt tree only found in Western Australia. It has one of the highest antioxidant levels found in produce in the world and is low in GI.

Much research has been carried out on Jarrah honey.  It has high antibacterial and antimicrobial activity and due to its high hydrogen peroxide level, it can inhibit Golden Staph bacteria (which can cause a range of mild to severe infections).

As Jarrah honey is a high fructose honey, consumers who are diabetic and still desire some sweetness in their diet will find this honey beneficial whereas some other honeys in the world are much higher in glucose.

Activity – 20-30+
Colour – medium to semi dark amber
Flavour – rich full-bodied; delicate and smooth

Pure Karri Honey


The giant Karri tree, the world’s third tallest tree, are only found in the south-west of Western Australia and grows to a height of up to 80 metres. Karri trees produce a very mild flower, which produces a very high activity honey.

Karri trees only flower once every 7-10 years, making Karri honey very rare and extremely sought after.

Activity – 15+
Colour – dark golden
Flavour – smooth, light and delicate

Pure Red Gum Honey


Our Red Gum honey is produced from WA’s majestic Red Gum trees. Beekeepers prize a Red Gum honey flow, as it produces pollen and nectar, which in turn, produces healthy and strong breeding hives.

High in antioxidants, Red Gum honey has a thick constituency, bold taste and a distinctive aroma. The Red Gum honey is an ideal ‘spoonful a day’ honey.

Activity – 25+
Colour – dark amber to brown
Flavour – relatively mild; warm with a natural ‘heat’

Pure Yates Honey


The Busby Yates is a Eucalypt tree native to the south-west of Western Australia and typically flowers from mid spring to late autumn.

Our Yates honey has a rich, golden syrup like quality that is ideal for consumption with porridge or crumpets, and is a favourite in cooking when a rich honey flavour is required.

Activity – 20+
Colour – dark golden
Flavour – medium sweet, smooth and light

Pure Blackbutt Honey

Blackbutt honey is sourced from the Blackbutt Eucalyptus tree found in Western Australia. The trees grow in moist soils, usually near riverbeds. The honey is typically collected during December to February.

Blackbutt honey is a dark coloured honey with a unique rounded and full-bodied flavour unlike any other Eucalypt honey and is a favourite among our Asian customers.

Activity – TBC
Colour – dark amber to black
Flavour – rounded and full-bodied; strong and sweet

Pure Mallee Honey


The Mallee is a Eucalyptus shrub that is found in the Central Wheat Belt region of Western Australia. Flowers appear from late winter though to December. The green yellow bud caps open to a creamy yellow flower that spans up to 5cm across. It is a great honey making tree, attracting many birds and bees.

Our Mallee honey includes the Burraccoppin, Old Fields and Goldfields Mallee varieties.

The honey is light amber in colour with a very unique Wheat Belt “bush” flavour. Given its relatively low activity but strong flavour, Mallee honey is a great choice for cooking or baking.

Activity – 7+
Colour – dark golden
Flavour – bold “bush” flavour; strong and sweet

Pure York Gum Honey


York Gum is a Eucalyptus tree found from Murchison River area southward and eastward through the Wheat Belt to the Goldfields.

York Gum honey has an intense but pleasant sweetness, and its rich creamy consistency makes it a must-have for the breakfast table or for use in cooking or baking.

Colour – dark golden
Flavour – full-bodied, floral and semi-sweet

Please contact us to confirm the availability of your desired honey type

Our honey is sold in a variety of container sizes to suit your needs, ranging from 60g, 250g, 400g and 500g.

60g, Glass
250g, Plastic
250g, Glass
400g, Glass
500g, Plastic